DunJohns and Dragons

The Priestess and the Portal

The party set out from the ruined keep to continue pursuing the Drow.  Arriving at a large stretch of orcish hovels forming what was likely a crude 'city' of sorts for the creatures, Ireni was dispatched in the form of a bird to examine the area. She discovered a fair number of 'changed' orcs and goblins were lurking in the area. Vani suggested to use fire as a distraction, and after some discussion Yuna lit a few hovels aflame with her magic. 

Moving quickly, the group moved through the settlement and found several ropes and chains set up to allow access to the mountain keep to the north. Inside, there was little but signs of a long-past battle. Skeletal remains of normal orcs and their corrupted counterparts littered the entirety of the area.

Making their way to the heart of the keep, the party found an altar dedicated to the principal gods of the Orcs, holding the preserved remains of what looked to be an Orcish Warchief. Occupying the chamber were the drow the party had been chasing, along with two Drow women. One, a priestess sporting the symbol of Llolth and that of a dagger wrapped in chains. The other soon revealed itself as a Yochol, a servitor demon beholden to Llolth's will.

The Priestess was busy looking over some sort of magical experiment at a table. She spoke with the Yochol, which insisted that the upcoming confrontation would be a test to prove her might to Llolth. Kavra, the priestess, opened a bottle with a strange, insectoid creature. It vanished, and the glow in the room intensified into an eye-searing rift that seemed to allow the Yochol to possess the corpse of the Orc Warcheif.

The ensuing battle was swift and brutal. Yuna swiftly crushed the drow mage, Jade set fire to many of the drow with fireballs, Ireni created sunlight to blind the drow, and Vani eventually pierced Kavra's heart with a well-placed shot from her bow,  Shellcracker, but not before trashing the research table.  Uli and Yuna worked to finish off the possessed orc, which disgorged the Yochol.

The Yochol muttered about Kavra being a disappointment and suffered the attacks of the party for a few moments before turning into mist and flowing out of the cave. The party is left in peace to rifle through the bodies of the drow and investigate the portal and the strange research being conducted.


What in the planes was so important that Llolth would spare some of her most powerful servitors to oversee?



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