DunJohns and Dragons

The Secrets of the Ruined Castle

The party followed the drow into a dilapidated castle that looked to be hundreds of years old. Its outer walls had been utterly demolished, and even the keep itself had multiple points of entry. Scouting ahead as a spider, Ireni found a pair of hulking, demonic creatures with single, bulbous eyes and more of the goblin-spider hybrids guarding the first floor of the keep.  Conferring with Belial, Jade was commanded to gather some of the creatures' blood; though his soul was on the line, he almost forgot when all was said and done. If he contacts Belilal again, he could get his opinion on what those creatures were.

The group decided to knock the roof of the keep down onto the creatures. Ireni employed her decanter of endless water, given to her by Marcus and Claire Volg for her help against Gorbos, to dislodge the stone from a safe distance.  Aided by the sudden rockfall, the party defeated the guards handily. Stairs to the castle depths were found, but the party decided to pull back and attack the drow at daybreak.

 Pulling back to Kiri's party for the night,  Yuna noticed the Manticore that had escaped earlier flying overhead, looking for a chance to catch the group unaware. The party returned to the castle with the dwarves the next morning. Kiri commented that the stonework of the castle did not look orcish.

The party descended into the basement to find that the drow had abandoned the castle. Searching through the ruined, empty rooms, they eventually found a burial vault with several stone sepulchers and a dead, badly desiccated drow corpse.  A pair of hostile spirits appeared, and the sounds of a battle long passed echoed in the party's minds.  The king and queen of a long destroyed kingdom were reliving the last moments over and over again, mistaking the party for the orcs that had seiged them hundreds of years ago.

The party did not attack, and Yuna attempted to learn more, assuring the ghosts that she and her allies were not orcs. The ghost asked for proof, posessing Yuna and looking through her eyes. The party held fast, choosing not to restrain  Yuna or attack the remaining specter.

The possessed Yuna traveled through the castle, taking stock of the ruins of her castle. Upon heading outside, the Queen realized she had been dead for hundreds of years. Yuna, through an incredible act of willpower, managed to reach the ghost, showing her memories of other human civilizations and the defeat of the orcs at Throughway Keep. Making peace with her fate, the ghost left Yuna.

Returning to the vaults, the party found the ghost of the king placing his and his wife's royal jewels atop a sepulcher before following his Queen into the afterlife. With their torment ended, the party vowed to donate the jewels to a historian and give the rulers' bones a burial in one of the sepluchers.

The question now; where did the Drow skulk off to?

A restless spirit.







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