Belial, Archduke of the 4th Circle


A powerful Devil who has made a contract with Jade after contacting him through Karlov Volg’s mirror. Rules the 4th layer of the Nine Hells with his daughter, Fierna.

Jade’s contract, signed and sealed:

  • Jade must fulfill tasks dictated to him by Belial. These requests are constrained only by other terms in this contract.
  • Upon refusing or failing a task, Jade will be given a strike.
  • Upon receiving three strikes, Jade’s soul will be forfeit to Belial.
  • Belial will break the Great Old One influence over Jade’s soul upon sealing of contract.
  • Belial will grant infernal spellcasting power to Jade.
  • Belial can not order Jade to harm his friends.
  • Belial can be contacted by Jade for advice.

Belial, Archduke of the 4th Circle

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