Isz the Firbolg


An odd Firbolg who lived in the forests of Issylra before setting out to study nature; specifically, blights against nature.

The party met him in the orcish lands to the west of Astaroka on their expedition to discover why so many orcs had spilled into the east. He had disguised himself as a drow to better avoid the monsters and evil elves themselves that had taken control of the area.

Yuna rushed and stunned him while he was enjoying his pipe, unaware that he was sitting atop an earth elemental he had summoned. Being stunned, he was unable to call his protector off for a few moments, earning the princess quite the bruise from its attacks. There’s no doubt he’s a powerful elemental wizard.

He turned out to be friendly enough, though rather phobic of extended company. He sold the group potions from the cart his elemental carried around for him, and had a brief, flirtatious exchange with Ireni. The genasi was given a preserved lily from Issylra from him as a gift. Isz claimed that anyone more surprised by the flower than her appearance as a genasi might be an interesting person to talk to.

After some deliberation, the party gave him leave to study the rift into the Far Realms alongside Kiri and her dwarves, who are setting up a stronghold in the former orcish stronghold. He is deeply, deeply fascinated with the rift and what power could fuse the essence of one creature with another.

Isz the Firbolg

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