An elf and magic user who serves as a close advisor to the Volg Family. Was a friend of Karlov Volg before his passing. Has stuck around to serve the Volg Family after the death of Karlov.

The party was tasked with finding Jandar by Pule Volmi, a gnomish merchant. He is purported to be at the Capital with Natalia and Alfonzo Volg, assisting with the war effort.

Jandar has returned to oversee Volg Keep in the older Volgs’ absence. Cutting an impressive presence, Jandar doesn’t look like he’s from an elf bloodline from any of the known world.

He told the party that he traveled via portal from a distant civilization somewhere else in the world, beyond its unknown reaches. He boasts an impressive amount of knowledge on obscure subjects, including the drow.


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