Knight Ulrich


A young knight who bumped into the party as they were traversing the southern Astaroka forests. Very lost, he was guided to Volg Keep by the party. Was beaten savagely by the Red Tusks after attempting to shoo them out of town single-handedly, but has since recovered. Principled and good hearted, he is eager to lend his sword to the defense of Astaroka.

The party convinced Ulrich to fight in a citizen uprising against the Red Tusks.
Along with the party, Ulrich has joined his superior, Sir Colmb, to march back to Throughway Keep to aid against the orc invasion.

Ulrich survived the battle of Throughway keep, leading a band of militiamen against orcs grappling over the walls.

Ulrich was put in charge with training some of Astaroka’s new conscripts after a decision made by the crown. His experience traveling and fighting alongside the party seems to have tapped into a wellspring of self-confidence.

Knight Ulrich

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