Roxx & Patches



A tiefling enforcer for the Gold Fang Crime Syndicate. She dresses sparingly, and her reddish skin is covered in infernal tattoos. Cruel and organized, she doesn’t recruit anyone she can’t control. Her gang was ambushed by Red Tusk bandits on their way to extort the rulers of Astaroka for aid against the Orc invasion.



A bald human who skulks around Roxx’s side. Seems to be a thief by trade, and knows his way around poisons. His dark leather armor has dozens of knife pockets sewn in.

They accepted the help of the party in clearing out the Volg Sewers, allowing them to travel by night and break into the town hall of Volg Keep, trapping many red tusks (and a few innocent women they’d forced to wait on them) in a lethal conflagration. Grabbing as much loot as they could, the pair escaped from Volg Keep with their two thugs, Rollo and Pounds.

The party learned that Roxx and her gang had stolen a boat from Astaroka’s harbor and fled the country.

The party met with the two criminals again in Priem, where the Gold Fang syndicate is based. Despite their destructive nature the Party chose to work with them again against a potentially more dangerous entity.

The criminals seem to trust the party after they secured Roxx’s promotion by slaying an individual moving in on their turf…

Roxx & Patches

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