The Defenders of Astaroka


The party has met several allies that are traveling with them to Throughway Keep. Many owe their lives to the group’s timely intervention.

The lot of them survived the battle of Throughway Keep.


Sir Colmb
A veteran Astarokan Knight in his late 40’s. Gruff and world weary, he called for the people of Volg Keep to join the Astarokan Militia against the orc invasion after traveling there with Jandar from the capital. Sir Ulrich Tipnettle is also in his knightly order, and it is now his duty to command and protect the fledgling knight. The astute will notice a melancholy in his eyes, birthed by a tragedy worse than the horrors of combat, that eats at him from within.

Gurn Rockwright

A surly dwarf who worked as a blacksmith for Volmi Mercantile. Falling afoul of gnolls, he was captured. The foul, hyena-like creatures ate Gurn’s arm, keeping him alive to keep the rest of his gamy dwarf meat fresh. Was rescued by the group, but refused to leave the southern Astaroka forests until he had exacted revenge on the Gnolls. Vani Thorngage aided him in this endeavor, earning his trust. Around those Gurn trusts, he is kind hearted and selfless, willing to put himself at risk.

He enlisted in the Astarokan Militia after arriving at Volg Keep with Vani, resplendent with Gnoll ears.

Arriving safely at Astaroka’s capital, he forged Vani a special shortbow he dubbed Shellcracker.

Mark the Woodsman

A hunter who signed on to Volmi Mercantile as a caravan guide. Had the misfortune of being attacked by a giant wood spider, paralyzed, and spun into a coccoon. The party managed to resuscitate him. They crossed paths with Mark again after he wandered into the necromancer Ivanova Colmb’s inn…after the party had killed her and her zombie minions, saving him from ambush while he slept and recruitment into the ranks of the undead.

After learning that the party joined the Astaroka militia, he followed suit, eager to repay his rescuers. Was nearly killed by a giant hyena in a three-way battle with Orcs and Gnolls, but was able to retreat and save his skin once more. At this point, he would be dead thrice over were it not for the group’s intervention.

Adrin, Yeva, and Trella

The party first met the Wood Elf scout Adrin searching for the missing members of the Volmi Trade caravan. He warned of the presence of Orcs in the forests before slipping away to continue scouting for his homeland.

He and two of his companions, Yeva and Trella, were captured several days later after killing an ogre in an attempt at hit and run tactics against the raiding orc bands. The party rescued them, and they provided insight into the brains of the Orcish invasion. They now are now traveling to Throughway Keep with the party on their way back to their people in the forests to the east.

The Defenders of Astaroka

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