The Prisoners of Volg Keep


Three malcontents were released from the Volg dungeons by Gorbos.

Ivanova Colmb

A fledgling necromancer arrested for practicing her craft. Killed the owners of an Inn near Volg Keep after being released, and used the building as a hub to ambush and kill travelers, swelling the ranks of her zombie minions.

Was slain by the party.

Carver Goreman

Leader of the Red Tusk mercenaries, arrested for the crime of Brigandry. Was freed by Gorbos and made sheriff, where he and his men practiced extortion free of hassle.

Was burnt to death by Roxx and Patches in a nighttime raid after the party cleared the Volg Sewers of monsters. Most of his men are now jailed, burnt, or cut down by a citizen uprising orchestrated by the party.

Megga Mundt

A shopkeep arrested for poaching magical creatures and summoning infernal beings. Upon release, she reopened her shop, which was filled to the brim with questionable items, including the fairy Dewbloom. Her wares were kept under watch by her unnervingly intelligent crow.

Was returned to jail by the sentry golems of Volg Keep under the orders of Marcus Volg.

Was questioned by the party in prison about her Crow, which turned out to be an Imp she’d summoned using a ritual she’d learned. She is very curious about Jade’s newfound demonic power…

The Prisoners of Volg Keep

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