The Triumverate of Astaroka


Astaroka is ruled by a Triumverate, two by bloodline in honor of the brothers that founded the first human settlement in the region, and one by election by the populace. Two must agree to form a decree.

Sybil Astaroka

An energetic and personable woman with a short, wiry stature. A forward thinker, she wishes to develop Astaroka from the humble beginnings of her young, royal bloodline and carve a true Kingdom out of the wilderness. Every setback is a sting to her designs, and she would rather take risks than allow her lands to fall into irrelevant stasis. If a ruler can’t move things forward, they don’t deserve the title.

Illaryia Astaroka

A thoughtful but fretful woman with a tall, stocky build. Knowing full well that lands greater than hers have fallen to disaster and chaos, she muses perpetually on how to keep Astaroka on a healthy path. For her, every lost knight and blighted patch of soil is a step towards ruin, a fate she would give her life to Astaroka to avoid. On her watch, it will not return to the Gnolls.

Argus Forsythe

A broad, doughy man with a shiny bald head. A long-time investor in the farms and mines of Astaroka, he used his dividends to improve local townships and ensure population growth. Was elected by Astaroka’s populace to be their representative. Perhaps because his tenure depends on public approval, he tends to focus on the smaller picture, weighing the immediate impacts of a decision on the local populace. For the greater good or no, a suffering citizenry is bad for business.

The group was welcomed by the triumvirate for their service in defending Throughway Keep. With the party’s input, they decided to resettle and reinforce one half of the country’s western lands after the orc invasion. All three of the Triumverate signed the decree.

The Triumverate has readied a join expedition into the western mountains with Kiri Forgemantle, a Dwarven princess. They hope to discover the cause of the Orcish invasion.

Military conscription has begun in Astaroka, an unpleasant but possibly necessary decision to safeguard against further Orc incursions. Argus refused to sign, concerned about his public image.


The Triumverate of Astaroka

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