The Volg Family


A family of wizards who founded Volg Keep, a magical fortress nestled into the southern woods of Astaroka.

Karlov Volg and Wendy Volg (Deceased)

A truly mighty Wizard, Karlov created the keep out of enchanted stone. Could not save his Sorcerer wife from an illness brought on by her wild magic. Loved his daughter Natalia. His primary interests lied in extraplanar summoning. His keep has an unlimited source of magical energy, channeled through a mirror that links to the Nine Hells.

Natalia and Alfonzo Volg

The current rulers of Volg Keep. Are away at the Capital trying to fight back against an Orc invasion with the crown rulers.

The party met the couple at a meeting with the Triumverate of Astaroka. They suspect demonic influence has played a part in the Orcish invasions, and are interested in any magical items the expedition to the west can recover.

Natalia and Alfonzo have now thrown themselves into research of the Far Realm portals, and have supplied the party with the information needed to hunt down more rifts.

Claire and Marcus Volg

Both were saved from Gorbos, the insane spectator, a relic of Karlov’s summoning magics. Only 17 and 18 years old, neither have much interest in wizardry. Marcus enjoys outdoorsmanship and swordplay, while Claire is fond of art and music.

Marcus has joined up with the militia, while Claire contemplates a career in music. Claire was also asked by the party to keep an ear out for what Jandar is doing at the Far Realms Portal.

The Volg Family

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