Uli Axelsson

Human Barbarian


Tall, Hulking figure with long half shaved blonde hair and blue eyes.



Uli Axelsson was from a small farm in the northern mountains.She was the youngest and only girl of 5 children. She saw a band of adventurers come through her town one day, she was amazed by their heroics and tales of there adventures, they proclaimed they were off to hunt the Frost Giants at the top of the mountain and left never to be seen again. As Uli grew up her and her brothers went on many adventures to the mountain tops to peak at the elusive giants they heard about but never found any. Uli fascinated by all large monsters couldn’t wait to see and hunt all the strange monsters In the forest, but giants were never found, bugbears and owl bears were plenty but she wanted more interesting, more ferocious beasts. Her brothers stayed on the farm or found their way working on ships or as hunters and mercenaries themselves. Her brothers can be found scattered across the land but she’s never quite sure where they are. She has been a mercenary and monster hunter for the past couple years. She is still looking for giants (or a dragon she’s heard of those and is interested in that) hoping one day to vanquish one, and she is happy to kill lesser beasts and make money in the mean time. She loves life and taking risks and she gets along with most creatures who aren’t too stodgy or strict. She can seem rough to speak to and says the wrong thing quite often trying to joke, but has a good heart and wants people to stand up for themselves and live their fullest lives. Her hobbies are wrestling, hunting, and cooking. She has an affinity for magic and cool looking weapons, the gnarlier the better.

Her Brothers

Graven Axelsson:30 Eldest Brother is a mercenary in a nearby kingdom (Kind of a bully and a dick)

Von Axelsson: 28 is a working aboard a merchant vessel (maybe this could tie in with Irini’s plot line)

Markel Axelsson: 26 is a ranger and nomad has a pet eagle ( super into nature kinda grimy)

Hans Axelsson: 23 lives in Wildmoor is a farmer and trader, has 2 children and enjoys singing

From the GM:
Thank you for adding your character bio! This gives me more to work with in the future.
You may spend one of these Inspiration Owlbears to regain inspiration during the game.


Uli Axelsson

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