Vani Thorngage

Stout Halfling Ranger


Ranger Conclave: Horizon Walker

Feats: Defensive Duelist

Weapons: Shellcracker; Magicked Shortsword; Magicked Dagger

Spells: Protection from Evil & Good; Misty Step; Etherealness; Cure Wounds; Detect Poison & Disease; Hail of Thorns; Spike Growth; Lesser Restoration

Language: Common, halfling, orc, dwarvish, goblin

Fighting Style: Archery

Features & Traits:
3 Feet tall, 17/150 years old; tanned; green eyes; archer/runner build; dark hair long enough to braid back out of the way but no more than that, or it gets too fussy. Cuts her hair before leaving for Priem (S2)


Roll Lucky 1
Advantage: Frightened; Poison Damage
Nimble Medium+
Terrain: Forest
Favored Enemy: Orcs, Abberations
Survival Checks: Wisdom; Intelligence
Personality Traits: Sees no value in wealth or good manners— neither is useful when being chased by a wild animal.
Ideals: Glory in battle for the name of the clan.
Bonds: glory in battle for sake of self and clan; close to the rangers who trained her and the team she works with. She is slow to trust others, especially those who tend to care about manners and gentility.

Suffers from visions/dreams of disaster but doesn’t always talk about them because her village generally mocked those sorts of things, calling it false magic and something for elves and other light-folk.

Initially, her ultimate goal is to get revenge on the orcs who destroyed her village; especially the leader of the troop. This changes as her prophetic dreams and looks into the rifts opening around the world reveal a more pressing danger.

She longs for the comforts of home and tries to visit her grandparents annually.


Season 1
Vani’s parents died when the orcs massacred her village. She was 12 at the time, and hid with her grandparents. They, and her parents were the only ones she told about her visions, but none of them said anything—her family, parents included, encouraged Vani to remain silent. As a result, Vani blames herself for what happened. She also holds a serious grudge against the mountain elves, who were near enough to see the oncoming slaughter but did nothing to help. The halflings always grumbled that the elves were too busy with their watered-down wines to so much as pick up a sword, and Vani now believes this more than ever.
Vani generally tries to stay out of the way of others, getting on best with animals. She is slow to accept friends, but can be loyal to a fault once she does. This is often rare, though, because Vani tends towards bluntness. She doesn’t like flowery speech and often rolls her eyes or interrupts when she has to listen to it.
Vani learned the basics of fighting from her village, then learned from the rangers and hunters near her village after the massacre. These rangers and hunters tend to stay closer to villages to help protect, as well as to trade more easily, but Vani ventures deeper into the forest, seeking solitude and a distance from others. She constantly fears having more visions about the people she cares about getting hurt, so doesn’t like to get close to people who need to be protected.
She is affable towards fellow halflings, dwarves, and other short, sturdy creatures like herself; can be wary or dismissive of larger races, depending on the situation.
She fucking loves frogs.
She carries her mother’s lyre even though she never cared to learn to play it herself.
Season 2
In Priem, Vani interacts with the Rift twice and discovers (after nearly dying both times) that the rifts are being opened by aberrations who plan to destroy and rebuild civilization after their own image. Determined to stop them, Vani works with the RiftWalkers to stop Annah Sylveste from using the Rift for her own dangerous ends, and become a Horizon Walker with the help of Illokas.

From the DM:
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Vani Thorngage

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