Tarien Yuna Me'a Sylfaeren

High Elf Monk


High Elf Monk
Way of the Open Hand

AC: 18
HP: 40
Ki Points: 5
Speed: 50ft
Ki Save DC: 14
Passive Perception: 16

Elf Traits:
- 60 ft Darkvision
- 4 hour trance
- ADV on saving throws against charms
- Can’t be put to sleep magically

- Quarterstaff
- Shortbow
- Shortsword
- Unarmed strikes
- Darts
- Fire Bolt Cantrip

Monk Abilities:
- Open Hand Techniques
- Flurry of Blows
- Step of the Wind
- Patient Defense
- Deflect Missiles
- Slow Fall
- Stunning Strike

- Mobile

Special Items/Equipment:
- Ring of Protection (+1 AC)
- Gloves of Swimming and Climbing
- Healer’s Kit
- Drow map
- Painter’s kit

- Common
- Elvish
- Sylvan
- Undercommon


Yuna Me’a Sylfaeren is princess of the Elven Kingdom in the mountains called Issylra. Her mother is Vilya Estir Sylfaeren, and her father, Korinn Tavar Sylfaeren. Her best friend is Emrys Anor, a male Wood-Elf who is 5 years her elder. She is about 5’ 9’’ with long silvery-white hair, green eyes, and pale skin. While living comfortable in her home, she spent many years studying, training, and painting. Her 80th birthday was soon approaching, which meant her years of relative leisure would soon end. She must choose a path to follow and gain wisdom to impart during her 100th Year Celebration, the event that marks an Elf’s entrance into adulthood. She felt conflicting emotions of excitement and anxiety, knowing that her entrance into adulthood brings with it enormous amounts of responsibility she fears she will not be good enough to manage.
Finally the day came for her to name her path, but being unable to make a definitive decision, decided that the best course of action would be to attempt each potential path for a specific amount of time and choose after she had experienced them. She spent 10 months training with a wizard, fighter, bard, cleric, and ranger. Out of all of those, she particularly liked the arcane arts, and became fast friends with her Dragonborn wizard teacher, Zahra. She was two weeks into training with her Elven rogue teacher, when he brought her to what turned out to be a planned ambush by the Drow. His real name was Adran, and she wishes him dead.
While captured in the Underdark, she learned of a new plan to try to take Issylra, clearly still holding a spiteful grudge after their attempt 150 years prior failed. After what felt like weeks, she was finally saved by a group of monks from the Order of the Sun Soul, followers of Lathander the god of light. She was brought back to the monastery in the middle of the desert, where she healed and decided to stay to become stronger. She made friends with a male human named Aust, who was the monk given a vision of her capture. The vision included a sun and moon eclipsing, and showing visions of her capture and location within the eclipse. Yuna took this to mean that her Elven Deity, Sehanine Moonbow, the goddess of the moon, had worked with Lathander to facilitate her release and thwart the plans of the Drow and their goddess Lolth.
For three years, she trained with the others monks, under the head monk, Morninglord Lei, an older, female Half-Elf. She befriended Ashryn (female Elf), Slate (male Earth Genasi), and Glo (female halfing). While on a mission in the Underdark with her monk companions, Yuna had a discovery of her own. She found a roughly drawn map of the Underdark that showed the tunnels reached further than she or anyone from her kingdom realized. After three years, she left the monastery to travel and find more information about the Drow and how far their reach has extended. She also hopes to find a quarterstaff known as the Moonstaff. It is the preferred weapon of Sehanine Moonbow, a powerful vestige believed to have been lost, that would ensure the Elven victory over the Drow once and for all.

From the DM:
Thank you for posting your bio! You may use the following inspiration Lolths to regain inspiration during the game.

Tarien Yuna Me'a Sylfaeren

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