Often known as the 'Mercenary Nation', Firhelm grew to power through alliances that secure lucrative trading contracts in exchange for copious military protection.  Military service is compulsory in Firhelm, and those that stay in the service beyond the requisite 3 years are showered with benefits both monetary and societal. 

A consummate meritocracy, Firhelm welcomes disciplines of all types, and rewards them when they serve the war effort. Schools of magic and temples to Helm, Lawful Neutral god of protection, are as common recipients of government funding as soldier training grounds. Even entertainers and prostitutes are subsidized as long as they can measurably prove their capability to improve morale in regiments sent abroad.

Firhelm is a society that needs a constant flow of wealth to function. This has put them at odds with the Dwarven kingdoms to the east. Firhlem currently stakes a claim on previously dwarven gold mines in exchange for the blood spilled pushing back orcs and other creatures that haunt such places. Some dwarven nobles claim Firhelm's intervention is unnecessary and opportunistic, and would prefer a strong border be drawn that excludes the nation's influence in all forms.


A fairly far-ranging empire, Firhlem government is mostly human, but all sorts besides elves are found among its citizens.  Dwarves dissatisfied with their homeland often emigrate to Firhelm, a choice that unfailingly places a stigma on themselves in their homeland. 


Firhelm is a strangely fragmented dictatorship. 15 governors each regulate a specific area of society, and choose their successors themselves.  The governors meet daily to discuss their needs and focus their ambitions. Tax budgets are divided equally among them to provide incentive to keep Firhelm powerful and avoid factionalism.



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