DunJohns and Dragons

Precious Minutes

The Rift Walkers rested in Edna's office for an hour. Brunnar said he would try and keep himself around other people and went to delay the closure of the case against Annah Sylveste.

The party stopped by the Rift and spoke to Illokas, who explained that the Rifts were behaving like portals, and could be entered. Ireni and Vani teamed up to send a giant vulture probe into the rift, with Ireni summoning and giving it orders to return while Vani used her ranger magic to see through its eyes. The vulture indeed made it through, and was in some sort of semi-physical space of existence, but it was so difficult to comprehend that Vani was hit by a wave of psychic damage trying to hold images of the Far Realm in her mind. She had the impression that there were entities existing out in the Far Realm. 

Illokas heeded the party's warnings and promised to teleport back to his study in the Wizards' citadel instead of walking. He admitted he had no safe way to travel back to the site of the rift, but promised he would cast protective magic on himself when traveling.

Next, the party stopped by Ireni's ship. She found some of the crew scheduled for guard duty away from their posts (Vani saw several fresh from some sort of wild party at a nearby tavern passing by).  Ireni befriended Jaxon, one of the older sailors still holding down his post, who was confused by her lack of disciplinary measures. He promised to be careful and tell the crew to stay cautious.

The party then met the hulking goliath Lavhik Irongrip, head of the Shipwrights' guild. Lavhik valued forthrightness and wasn't receptive to the party's attempts to win him over. However, he did seem interested in speaking to Kaneza, whom he respects, to learn of the party's deeds and get a better picture of them. 

After stopping in to warn Kaneza and Arrold that the Assassins may be hunting them down, the party went to the Healers' Guild and managed to gain access to its leader through their reputation for rooting out the source of the plague that had created the Untouched district of Priem.

The Rift Walkers were surprised to find that Mira, the head of the Healer's Guild, was but a young girl of 12, completely blind. She looked human, but from head to toe the coloration of her entire seemed washed out and ghostly, like she was in the process of fading into a black and white silhouette.  Mira was able to fix some of the head trauma Vani had sustained looking into the rift with a single surgical maneuver.

When asked how she could detect injuries and perform surgery, she explained that a being called 'Saniel' communicates with her, and that she was gradually learning to master his teachings herself. Saniel claims to want to help people, and had chosen Mira to help her do so. When asked how she became the leader of the guild, she said the previous leader, Amo, chose her to succeed him before he passed away, claiming that he knew she would do good with the guild.

Mira was greatly disturbed by Vani's doomsday vision, but was calmed down and agreed to help the party if Kaneza called a guild meeting. Belial asked Jade to get a drop of Mira's blood, but grew irritable when he told the rest of the party about his request and turned it into an order. Jade negotiated him down to getting a drop of blood before he left Priem, instead of immediately. The warlock was not optimistic after failing to persuade Mira to give him a drop of her blood voluntarily.

The party spent an hour traveling to the temple of Waukeen while doing a double-piggyback atop Yuna atop Uli. A scrying orb appeared and seemed rather confused at the situation, dissipating after the party waited out its duration. Yuna stopped into the temple of the elven gods and meditated, with Uli trying to join her but having trouble controlling her rage. The Rift Walkers secured an audience with the head cleric of the Temple of Waukeen, the Earth Genasi Keri Vas'Kai.

Keri was less eager to help than Mira. While she acknowledged that the devil Opal's attempts to bring Priem under Mammon's sway was a grave threat, she wondered if the Rift could be used for good as well. She said she would not be against the party's efforts to deal with the Rift, she couldn't support something like locking it down to only specific people; each guild would demand some sort of access and the delicate balance of power in Priem could break down.  Keri also promised to send a well-armed team to investigate the site of the Assassins' Guild hideout.

Keri also filled Irini in on her origins; she was the daughter of a human woman and a Dao, an earth Djinn that ruled over a portion of the actual elemental plane of earth.  She was surprised to learn Ireni was not the child of a Marid, a water elemental djinn. She did not know genasi could be created by other means, and asked if Ireni was a conduit for elemental chaos or some other powerful force.

Keri also spoke of Sigil and the Great Market, two planes near the center of the multiverse through which she traveled to escape the stifling rule of her father. She became a cleric of Waukeen after encountering her clergy at the Great Market, and was deeply interested in the impartial nature of coin and trade she espoused. Keri claimed that you could get anywhere in the multiverse through Sigil.

The party then headed to The Respite, a small, tenebrous bar that overlooked the Long Market. After some time, a handsome and extremely foppish half-elf (moon elf) approached the party and introduced himself as Elavor Corvi, son of the head of the Artists' Guild, Fringilla Corvi.  Elavor seemed very concerned with discretion, even offering to pay 25 platinum pieces in advance to bind the party to secrecy. He claimed his close friend Wesson, an actor and playwright, had possibly started murdering people. He claimed to have seen Wesson taking fans into his home and leaving without them.

He informed the party that Wesson recently bought a theater in the Bard's Guild's territory after the owner had mysteriously disappeared. His latest play, written, acted, and directed by him,  "An Accidental Lunch Break on Mechanus" is currently being performed at this theater. He and a halfling named "Danna Thatchwell" were billed as the main actors.

The Rift Walkers didn't think Elavor was telling them the whole story, and that it was suspicious that the young man no longer cared about Wesson's safety. When pressed, Elavor admitted that he may have let Wesson consume or absorb some sort of family artifact belonging to his mother. He admitted it was possible the formerly scrawny and non-confrontational bard had been embolded by a newfound power of regeneration and had begun acting maliciously. It is possible he is now resistant to physical damage, and even some magic. Elavor said he didn't trust that Wesson would be convicted by the Bard's guild, as he was very charismatic, and that Elavor selfishly did not want any of this to blow back on his family, the Artists' guild, or get him into huge trouble with his mother or sister.

The party eventually accepted the payment and promised Elavor they would deal with Wesson within the next 3 days.  Irini, ticked off that Elavor seemed to be underestimating her, tried to scare him by turning her head into a wolf's. Elavor did not seem phased.

The party slept and returned to the temple of Waukeen, paying 50 gold each to have Death Ward cast upon them in preparation to fight the Catoblepas. They departed for the swamps with a team of 8 trained scouts provided by Kess to watch their perimeter.

In the meantime, a double of Vani had lured Kaneza into her room. Kaneza realized just in time that the double was not the genuine article because of a detail in the imposter's speech. That did not save her from several venomed crossbow bolts from a second murderer waiting by her window. Unlikely, a surprised and scared Arrold was able to distract the skull-faced assassin with a powerful fireball, scorching the rest of the rift-infused assassin's face off.  The assassins were forced to retreat as Kaneza stumbled into the main lobby of the now burning Adventurer's Guild, barely alive.

Have the Assassins simply scattered, or are they consolidating elsewhere? Is there anywhere safe from them?


A Tipping Point

The party emerged from the makeup shop and went to the market to pick up some drinks. Ireni found herself with a gourd of incredibly potent dwarvish liquor that seemed to have medicinal properties…it also got her drunk very quickly.

The party talked a bit with Kaneza. Yuna told her that Vani could use her support, hoping to goad her into a romantic tryst. <s>After a Hard Gay Roll </s>It seemed as if Kaneza might not be interested in women. Jade's devil eye noticed a scrying orb appear, and the party promptly banished it with the Dispel Magic wand Illokas had loaned them.

The party got some sleep and headed out to Kess, using Ireni's enhance ability to improve Yuna's persuasiveness. The party offered to use Ireni's druidic power to heal the swampland after the Catoblepas was slain in exchange for Kess dispatching scouts to watch the party's back while they hunted the creature. Kess agreed <s>despite her Hard Gay Roll not inclining her to female elves.</s>

The party met up with Brunnar at his office. He said the investigation had concluded, and that most of the evidence against Annah Slyveste was too circumstantial to make a concrete claim that she was part of some grand conspiracy. Annah claimed that one of her high-ranking understudies, Welkin Shiv, was responsible for manufacturing the items, using her credentials without permission. The gnome vanished a day ago; Annah claimed that Welkin had broken into her portal chambers and fled to another plane.

In addition, Brunnar said the evidence lockup with the canister and ledger was broken into last night; Brunnar told the party he had switched the contents of the box with a large rock and hidden the actual evidence somewhere else. He was also obligated to inform the party Annah was willing to pay the party 80 platinum pieces in way of apology for the trouble her understudy had caused in exchange for their signatures in support of her version of events.

The party filled Brunnar in on what they'd learned about the rifts. Though skeptical, Brunnar certainly suspected the involvement of the assassins' guild and told the party he planned to investigate the one place he knew they had a presence; a small building at the edge of the temple district that had a reputation for being highly dangerous to investigate, as well as a means to pay the guild to commit to a hit job.

The party agreed to go with Brunnar, with Yuna striking up a flirty conversation <s>after the Hard Gay Roll turned up in her favor.  </s>Brunnar seemed well disposed to the princess and explained he was from the continent of Pilea, the offspring of a human and an orc that occurred during the dying stages of lengthy territory conflict in that continent's history.  His youth was not pleasant, and he left home at a young age to find a better life. He apparently learned his many talents through others he'd met in his travels.

The building turned out to house some sort of dummy or corpse dressed in fine clothing and clad in a mask. Jade detected a hidden trapdoor on the floor, which Brunnar subsequently broke into. The party plunged into the earth and found a lodging hall of some sort, one that was empty but showed signs of recent use. Deeper inside, they also found a laboratory/armory with two corpses in the process of being modified by the assassins; the two bodies were mangled by surgical procedures but were somehow still alive in a comatose state.

Following a forboding staircase about a hundred feet deeper underground, the party came upon a baffling chamber that housed an assassin whose head was nothing but a skull with a glowing point of light inside it.  A rift insect emerged from this being into an assassin that was kneeling before him. Walls snapped shut in front of this strange scene. The party noticed a symbol on the altar, a skull surrounded by blood drops, the sign of the dead god of murder, Bhaal. Another assassin barred the party's path back up the steps.

The Rift Walkers soon learned this was a distraction, as the Bhaal avatar and numerous assassins fired crossbows through illusionary walls on either side of the chamber. Jade was nearly killed, and it took the combined efforts of the party to flee back up the steps. The party regrouped in the Barrister's guild, and borrowed Edna's office to plan their next move.

The Assassins want the rift. Will finding proof of their designs spur them into drastic action?

By a Thread

Uli's soul briefly resided on Mount Celestia, freed from worldly memories as a petitioner on the plane. Ripped from her place of planar rest, Uli had audience with the Goddess Waukeen, who informed her that resurrection is dangerous for her soul. She was, however, impressed with the offering of gold her friends had put up to revive her, and offered to return Uli to life. Uli agreed, citing that she still had things to do, and that Mount Celestia felt too perfect for her.

Uli returned to her body in shocking fashion, hit anew with the fear and pain she felt at the moment of her death. Some of the damage would never heal through normal means (-1 Con/-1Cha, mechanically) and Uli found that she had a reduced capacity to eat. She also lacked a strong sense of taste and smell. The party rested in a meditation chamber of the Temple for an hour. They were silent for some time, but eventually emotions boiled over. Uli apologized as best she could, but did not meet the strong emotions of the rest of the group.

Upon leaving the temple, the party's main concern was the safety of Arrold, who had helped them with knowledge about Annah Sylveste, a halfling wizard who they were sure meant them harm through the Assassin's Guild.  On the way,  Ireni made a blood sacrifice to the Queen of the Depths, Umberlee, and Vani stopped briefly into the temple of Yondalla as they traveled through the temple district.

The Rift Walkers then headed to the Foamtop tavern and convinced Arrold to quit his job and move to the adventurer's guild to keep him safe. Arrold was convinced after casting detect magic and noticing a scrying eye in the air around the party. Vani grabbed his important items before rushing out. 

The party got cleaned up at the Adventurer's Guild, and Kaneza put Arrold to work on odd jobs. Uli's dog, Maximus II, didn't take to his old master because of her different appearance and smell.

The next day, the party contacted Patches, who took them to a forgery workshop disguised as a fish drying shop. For a fee, he used high-quality parchment and ink to add authenticity to the Gilded Demon's signature. With this document, the party just barely managed to convince the Kenku securing the rift that they were there on "Lady Opal"'s orders, granting them 3 days of access to the rift. 

Illokas, the demonologist and planar investigator that had gotten them , joined them on their invitation and followed them into the rift warehouse. The party began investigating. Vani noticed a strange blip inside the rift and approached it. She kept moving closer to the blip, which turned out to be invisible to everyone else there. Vani was impacted by a vision of someone falling into water while clutching something in their hand, followed by the image of an enormous wave swallowing up the world, emanating from the south of the world near the Moonshaes isles.  Vani drew the vision, and Ireni realized that when she was knocked from her ship before she became a water genasi, she was clutching a piece of her ship railing. Yuna used the canister developed by the Volgs and captured a small, seahorse like creature from the rift inside of it.

Despite the cautioning of the rest of the party , Vani kept investigating the rift, moving closer and closer until she could have inclined her head and touched its core. Her consciousness connected with the Far Realm, and Vani realized she could tap into the very stuff of the cosmos at the risk of her psyche. She willed herself to look into the truth behind the rifts, and why they were cropping up in the first place.

Vani was taken to millions of years in the past, when the world was an unformed soup of potential. A race of eel-like creatures were the first entities to exist, and sculpted the world around them with their minds. As new races emerged, along with their gods, the world was given a newfound physicality and structure that saw these original creatures' powers wane. This old world was far larger than the one Vani knew; more technically advanced, safer, and with far more vibrant art and culture, supporting a population many times larger than current civilizations.

For a millennia, the aquatic creatures schemed to return the world back to its nascent state and regain their old power. Eventually, the waged a lengthy campaign to control sites of planar intersection and hordes of magical items to orchestrate the collapse of multiverse back into its primordial state.  Covert action culminated in a years long war against the mortal world, with the sea creatures fielding armies of constructs, thralls, and magically bound extraplanar entities to do their bidding.  When the stars were right, the creatures sent precise magical surges through the places of power around the planes, tearing the fabric of space and time itself.

Just enough of their plan was disrupted by the efforts of countless heroes to stop total dissolution of the universe. The consequences of these rifts being opened were dire, however; billions died, and the world was irrevocably reshaped. It would take another millennia for the scraps of the mortal races to begin to gain a foothold again, now in a more isolated, treacherous world that bore little resemblance to the realms of their ancestors.

Vani saw that the creatures were simply biding their time to finish the job, this time taking great pains to remain unchecked and reconsolidate their power. They began whispering to mortals, prompting the creation of the now long dead queendom of Junia. The city is serving as some sort of focus or beacon that is integral to the creatures' plans.

Vani emerged from her trance roiling with energy from the Far Realm, her mind almost shattered by the contact. Her body was broken down and reassembled from its smallest elements before catching purple fire and sending a catatonic Vani tumbling to the floor on the precipice of death.

The party saw to Vani, but she awoke to see Yuna without skin, Belial standing over Jade, the tattered glow of Uli's soul, and Irini sporting the visage of one of the aquatic monsters that had so nearly brought ruin to the world. It took much effort to calm her down and assure her that Irini was not some sort of agent of these creatures. She began drawing in her sketchbook, filling in a map of a world that hasn't existed for a million years and sketching out one of the monsters she'd seen.

Illokas had been taking notes on this phenomenon, which prompted a hostile reaction from Vani. Eventually, she let him continue taking notes and the party filled him in on the more current problem of Annah Slyveste. Illokas said he would study the rift while the party saw to the immediate danger. He also lent them a wand of dispel magic (5 charges, regains 1d4 at dawn). Unfortunately, he had no idea what the creature in Vani's sketchbook was.

The highly rattled party then went to go see Kess, trying to get the hunter's guild leader on their side. She was hardly convinced, and finally agreed to cooperation of the party slew the Catoblepas without her help, not wanting to lose any more of her hunters to the beast. She bade the party to bring her the monster's head as proof they'd done the deed.

Next, the party traveled to meet Brunnar Ulk to see how his investigation was proceeding, but Yuna spotted the boy that had been following Uli a few days before tailing them. They caught the boy and interrogated him in an alley, no easy task since he had clearly been trained to resist interrogation; he also lacked a tounge. He tried to attack the party numerous times, and was eventually stripped of a vial of poison, an assassin's guild coin, and a small knife. He was eventually coerced to draw a sketch of Annah, a rift insect, and said rift insect inside the eye socket of a skull. The party split up to  bring the evidence to the Barristers' guild while the other half discussed ways to transport the boy to the guildhall without being stopped.

They had spent too long deciding on a course of action, however, and a man in a cloak passed by the alley and sent a poisoned crossbow bolt into the child's neck. Frustrated, the group made for the Courtesan's guild, hoping to get some support from Rommeni, who they knew to be a Planetar of Sune, the goddess of beauty.

After Uli's scar prompted her to hand out a makeup voucher, they had trouble getting a direct pledge of cooperation from Rommeni, who saw the rift as having as much potential as danger held within it. Vani showed Rommeni her map of the old world; as an angel, she might have existed during that time. Rommeni grew distant and full of awe, as if trying to remember something splendid. She suddenly became very receptive to the idea of guarding the rift, muttering to herself about what she'd do to protect it. Vani asked her to go ahead and protect it, but as she began a transformation into her angel form, a rose-quartz colored planetar with peacock-styled wings, everyone quickly realized she meant to protect it by levelling Priem and letting no one near it for miles.

Frantic pleading and shouting began, with even Belial yelling at Jade in panic to stop her. Irini begged the planetar not to act, as in doing so she would be destroying much beauty in the process, pointing to Yuna. Yuna just managed to keep her composure against the angel's gaze, and her wrath was averted. A bitter and cold Rommeni bade the party to leave, saying she would be present if they called a guild meeting.

Their minds burdened with the potential of assassination, divine wrath, and the complete dissolution of the multiverse, the Rift Walkers proceeded to go cash in their makeup coupon.

Could these creatures truly have survived for millennia, ready once again to try and reduce the multiverse to a primordial state? How much have they studied and gained mastery over the Far Realm in the meantime?

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Rift Walkers paid a visit to a very drunk Arrold to see if he had any means of identifying the mysterious package they had received. He did not know the spell, and vomited when he was told that his dream visions were referring to a gilded demon attempting to drag Priem to the Nine Hells with the help of the rift's power. For identifying the package, Arrold suggested one of the many shops that dealt in magical work that had cropped up around the academy.

The party entered a magical stationary and spellbook store and asked the proprietor if she could cast identify on the box. The gnome said she'd need to actually touch the magical object within the box, prompting a discussion among the party about what to do next. With multiple ideas being thrown around and no progress being made, Ireni opened the box. A 6th-level fireball engulfed the store, killing the shopkeep and 4 customers. The magical paper created firework-like sparks that exploded from the shop on a wave of shattered glass.

Mage-knights in the employ of the academy arrived on the scene and placed the party under guard. Eventually, Brunnar Ulk, the bounty hunter under the employ of the Barrister's Guild that the party had met previously, took a guilty looking Ireni for a walk after she offered to accept the blame for the incident in full.

After a lengthy interrogation process, and a misunderstanding that resulted in a brief fistfight between an unnerved Yuna and Brunnar, the party gave the bounty hunter the full story behind the box. They agreed to turn over the cylinder they’d found in the Untouched district as well as the records from Olwin’s Clockworks that proved Annah Sylveste had commissioned the device. Brunnar explained that with all of this evidence, he could convince his superiors to hold off on judgement of the party, and said they were free to go for the time being.

The party handled the grief of the incident in different ways; Vani spent some time with Kaneza, who left her a battered coin depicting the Halfing goddess of bounty, Yondalla. Ireni wandered the temple district, eventually falling in with the temple of Illmater and giving a sizeable donation to their coffers. She spent a long time with the priest of Illmater, learning the basic tenets of the religion. Yuna stopped in at a small elven temple that had iconography of Corellion, Sethanine, and Eilisatree, then went to talk with Arana about the Catoblepas. The firbolg gave her a powerful healing potion, wishing the Rift Walkers luck in destroying the walking blight against nature.

In the meantime, Uli snuck from the city into the swamps, intent on slaying the monster herself in her grief. She did not find the Catoblepas; rather, she stumbled upon a nest of Skitterhaunts, sentient oozes that had possessed a giant beetle, a bear, and the corpses of the two hunter’s guild apprentices that were goaded into the swamps by An’Seath’s offer of payment for the Catoblepas’ eyes.  Uli was slain fleeing  the creatures after attempting to kill them. Her magical sword, Chimera, sunk into the swamps.

Yuna visited the hunter’s guild and talked to Kess, who was not at all well-disposed to Uli or the party after she had seen her bargaining with An’Seath. She eventually mentioned she saw Uli heading out into the swamps alone. Yuna rushed through the city and rallied the rest of the party. Begging Kaneza for some sort of help, the party was overjoyed to have her join their ranks for their rescue mission.

An hour behind Uli and still exhausted from the fight with the Gilded Devil, the party combed the swamps, using Maximus II, Ireni in wolf form, and Vani’s skill with pathfinding.  Vani picked up one of the fallen hunter’s guild pins. Eventually they found the swamp Uli had perished in, and underwent a grueling battle to recover Uli’s ooze-reanimated corpse from the swamps. After several near-death incidents, the party managed to hog-tie Uli and drag her back to the city. They gathered the 1500 gold needed to pay for a ressurection ritual and solemnly made their way towards the temple of Waukeen.


How much will Uli remember of the grueling moments leading up to her death?

The Palace of Want

The Rift Walkers, joining forces with the Gold Fang Crime Syndicate, gathered in the Husk district of Priem for an attack on "Lady Opal"'s tenement building. Irini, using detect magic, noticed a powerful magic circle surrounding the door of the run-down building. Though Roxx had said that the door was difficult to open, a mighty kick from Uli immediately bashed the door in, revealing an opulent foyer inside.

The moment the building was breached, the contractees gathered by Opal from the slums of Priem flooded out of their magically enhanced new homes. With looks of terror on their faces, these men, women, and children rushed the crime syndicate thugs guarding the party's entry, attacking to kill.  A brutal melee began, and the party used the opportunity to enter. Jade quickly found his communication with Belial was badly jammed.

The foyer door closed behind them, the other side of the portal a much more sturdy looking metal door that bore no resemblance to the shoddy wooden one they'd just bashed in. They traveled up a lavish set of carpeted stairs and came upon an art gallery with 3 statues on a pedestal.  There were also 4 imposing sculptures holding crystal goblets flanking both points of entry to the room. The other door was locked, and after some testing with arrows, it seemed that the sculptures guarding the doors had some sort of caustic substance inside their mouths. 

The statues in the center were titled "A Crime Unseen" and depicted a thug facing a nobleman with a guard looking on. In a box at their feet were a prop sword, a bag of fake coins, and a lantern. Worried the chamber would fill with acid, Irini cast Water Walk before Vani tried the door. Upon turning the knob, both doors locked, and acid indeed began spilling from the statues' mouths. Thankfully, Irini's spell kept the party from coming to harm as they debated a solution and tried multiple permutations of items. Ireni put the group on the right track, suggesting the scene was supposed to depict a bribery.  With that in mind, they placed the lantern in the thief's hand and the sword and money in the guard's. The acid drained from the room.

The Rift Walkers advanced into a long, curtained hallway. As they did, golden hands slid from the curtains, offering powerful and luxurious items to the party that rattled the group's resolve; barring Jade, who, knowing how Devil pacts operated, fired an eldritch blast into the curtain and the magical rod being offered to him. He caught a glimpse of the great vaults of Mammon, a massive landscape consisting of impossible amounts of wealth.  Jade, flat out threatening the rest of the party to leave the items behind, ushered the group down the hall.

The group found Lady Opal in a palatial chamber in the next room, flanked by her two gold-masked bodyguards. The devil explained she was a servant of the Archdevil Mammon, who sought to use the rift to loosen Priem's permanence in the prime material plane. If enough people in Priem were under the sway of Mammon, the planar tides could simply carry the city to the Nine Hells, specifically, to Mammon's layer. The planes, she explained, were determined by belief; if enough inhabitants were aligned in thought or purpose, whatever that may be, it could be enough to change a place's location in the multiverse.  Normally, this is incredibly difficult on on the Prime Material plane, but the rift was working wonders, according to Opal.

Rejecting the devil's offer to join her in exchange for payment, the party attacked, but were harried by a few magical pieces of furniture in the chamber. A copy of Yuna emerged from a mirror to attempt to hurl her into the chamber's bed, while later in the fight the chandelier came to life and fired a spray of razor-sharp gems at her.

Uli was roughed up by the attacks of the devils, and Yuna was almost felled by an infernal wound caused by a bearded devil bodyguard that caused her back to bleed silver. With Jade, Irini, and Vani providing ranged damage and healing support, Yuna was able to stun and knock down Opal, setting up a brutal spinning kill from Uli that decapitated Opal and one of her bodyguards in one stroke.

Belial commanded Jade to throw Opal's body into the room's strange furnace after offering it a drop of his blood. The archdevil gloatingly explained that doing so would send Opal to his layer of the Nine Hells, rather than Mammon's, who seemed to have gotten the better of Belial in a card game of some sort.  As a reward, Belial processed Opal's physical form into gold coins for the party, and invigorated Jade with a point of permanent health. This infusion of infernal energy had the side effect of giving one of Jade's eyes the aspect of Belial himself.

With its owner dead, the palace began to dissolve, prompting a swift exit from the party. The emerged to find a handful of people dead on both sides of the street brawl, with most of Opal's supplicants now badly beaten or tied up, their fine clothing reduced back to rags. The district was no longer magically altered, and each home had returned to its run-down state. Roxx and Patches were pleased, and were eager to return to the Fang and collect a promotion within their ranks.  Yuna asked Patches to forge Opal's signature to gain her access to the Rift from the messenger's guild. The theif was happy to reward a good turn and told the party to contact them through the beggar outside the Fang when they were ready.

The party helped the wounded unfortunates to the Healer's Guild, lectured the conscious ones about making pacts with devils, and paid for their hospital stay. Yuna gave Vani her Gloves of Swimming and Climbing, citing that she saw how much Vani wished for a pair in Mammon's hallway.

Vani went to check on Olwin's Clockworks in Craftsman's Row to return the documents she'd stolen. She found the home burnt down; asking around, she discovered that Olwin was inside his shop when it burnt; he was dead. 

Later, walking her dog Maximus, Uli spotted a child following her through Craftsman's Row. She gave chase, but lost him in an alley.

Disturbed, the Rift Walkers returned to the Adventurer's guild and spoke to Kaneza about the development. She told the party that a package had arrived for them, wrapped and delivered by the messenger's guild. It was simply addressed to "The Rift Walkers".  Leaving the package behind the desk, they followed Kaneza into her room, checked for scrying magic, and explained what had transpired. The halfling worried that Anna Slyveste was attempting to destroy evidence and obscure her connection to the plague and Assassin's Guild. 

Kaneza said she could call a Guild Meeting, but enough Guildmasters would have to accept for the meeting to even happen. She suggested the party ensure they were in the good graces of a few before she did so. Kaneza underscored that it was unlikely every guild would want to speak to them; especially Quink, who valued the territory and clout the rift had bought him in Priem. She suggested the Apothecary's and Hunter's guilds, but warned against approaching the Artist's guild leadership directly. The party wondered if they could win over Kess, the leader of the Hunters, if they spoke to her about the incident in the potion shop and the monster in the swamps.

With sinister actors already unlocking the secrets of the Rifts, how much time does the party have to do something about them all?

Kicking the Hornet's Nest

The newly named Rift Walkers retreated from the Untouched district of Priem with the surgically altered assassin's hand (severed by Uli), coin, poison-coated daggers, and the strange dispersal box that released the plague.

Back at the Adventurer's Guild, the party rested, but Ireni still felt sick from her Rat King bite. Kaneza pulled the party to her quarters when they asked about the coin, explaining that it is used to purchase an assassination within a small chamber in the Temple District.

After their talk, the Rift Walkers went to craftsman's row to track down who made the dispersal box. Jade was able to talk to enough people to trace its clockwork components back to a small shop called Olwin's Clockworks.  Olwin, the elderly proprietor of the shop, confirmed he did make the jar; it was an expensive process with a timed release mechanism. He would not share who paid him to make it, but agreed to pass on a message to his client that the Rift Walkers had purchased it from a shady merchant, a lie meant to distance themselves from what happened.  Ireni distracted him by dropping her open decanter of endless water with Uli adding to the chaos. Vani snuck behind the counter and, with some quick thinking, grabbed a year's worth of sale records and shoved them into her pack.  The party avoided paying Olwin for water damage with a casting of Destroy Water by Ireni.

Stopping for dinner at a restaurant that served very spicy dishes with a vegetable base, the party found the order for the canister under an Annah Sylveste. Yuna bit into a pepper and had a cartoonish moment involving the geyser function of the decanter.

The party returned to the Adventurer's Guild and asked Kaneza about Annah Sylveste; Kaneza wrote on paper that she was the guildmaster of the Transmutation citadel and had the ability to scry.  A troubling stop at the Healer's Guild got Ireni briefly locked in quarantine; she had contracted the plague that had ravaged the city a year ago. A cleric from the temple of Waukeen was dispatched to restore her to health, at a cost. Yuna suggested the temple stock up on scrolls with the spell.

The Rift Walkers went back to Arrold, who was a Transmutation instructor at the academy; he was less than pleased to hear about Annah, and even less to see the mutated hand, which had jointed bones much like a spine for hyper-flexibility. After using detect magic to make sure there was no scrying spell active,  Arrold painted a cold picture of Annah; she did not even fire him from the academy personally.  She also had great interest in the rift, and frowned on Arrold's objections to it being open for study.  Scrying spells require an expensive magical device, which Arrold suggested he could get to at the Academy if he had some money to bribe the guards he knew with.

Next up, the party went to the Apothecary's guild to get information on the poison in the daggers. At the guild hub, which turned out to be a small, gardenlike cottage, they met the Firbolg Guildmaster, Arana. When asked about Isz, she recalled meeting him a few years ago; he took great interest in the swamps outside of the city; they had a persistent blight and still do. She also said the best poison specialist the guild was a green dragonborn at a shop called Dragon's Blood.  Arana explained that she suffers their presence because they can produce antidotes to poisons on demand.  Yuna decided to stay with Arana after learning that the shop had a drow assistant.

At the Dragon's Blood, the party met An'Seath, a female green dragonborn who brushed off most of the party's questions. She agreed to examine the poison in the dagger, and called up her servant, a male drow named Invoro who looked like he recognized the substance on the knives.  A wood elf named Kess barged into the shop while the party was waiting, chastising An'Seath for tempting two rookie hunters with slaying a Catoblepas. She left in an angry huff after Uli asked after the reward. Pleased with this, An'Seath negotiated with Uli and settled on 200 gold per Catoblepas eye, 500 for an intact pair. Uli knew that they were dangerous creatures that had the ability to kill with a glance.  Invoro returned and said the venom was White Underdark Spider Venom, extremely potent. An'Seath shooed him away, but agreed to make a batch of antidote for it which would be ready in a day.

The party then went to the rift, which was guarded by Kenku and mercenaries they hired. Belial contacted Jade, ordering him to follow an extremely tall woman flanked by two guards at the registration booth for portal time. The woman was delivering enormous amounts of gold to the kenku, buying multiple timeslots with the rift. A bit of investigation and speaking with trees by the party yielded that the woman's name was Opal. 

Jade and Vani followed Opal to the Slough, where she was offering gold to the poor citizens of priem for some sort of contract. She then trudged into the Husk, which is considered to be gang territory. Leading her flock, she approached a building, murdered the occupants within, then inscribed a golden sigil that meant 'Contract' in infernal on the door. There was a whole street full of such buildings, and all had lavish interiors filled with people in fine clothes, a physical impossibility.

Jade and Vani spotted Patches, who led them back to Roxx. The rest of the party caught up with the group. They learned the Gold Fang had been muscled out of part of their territory by Opal, who stayed in a particular house marked 'Palace' in Infernal, the only unique marking on the row. The party was amicable enough to the criminals, and they suggested working together again; trying to gain entrance to the 'Palace' summons hordes of the contracted to defend it. The Gold Fang promised the party they would be a distraction while they broke inside.

Belial made vague excuses about politics when pressed for information by Jade, but ordered him to kill Opal and warned him "not to be greedy".  Roxx was also floored to learn the party had an assassin's coin; she explained there was a dummy in a building in the temple district that accepts the coin and records hit requests. Her men tried to stake the place out before, but were killed, so she decided to live and let live. Roxx also offered money for the coin, but the party refused.

The party returned to the Adventurer's Guild for a rest, then tried to stake out Dragon's Blood; they made some noise, however, and weren't confident they weren't spotted. They got together with Roxx and Patches again, ready to storm the Palace.

Scrying magic is powerful, costly, and naturally invites paranoia.

Possibility Made Manifest

Returning to the Adventurer's Guild, the party spoke a bit more to Kaneza. They learned that she was an ex-adventurer who had retired after slaying an adult Blue Dragon, the very same whose skull sits in the guildhouse's display room. "Vammu the Regarded" had run a slaving empire to the south of Kaneza's hometown of Majula, raising an enormous bejeweled pillar upon which he could perch. Kaneza's party slew the creature, but she was the only one left alive.

After a rest, the party received a response from Illokas, the demonologist and expert on portal magic they had queried. They were led up to his lab through the Wizard Citadel's school of conjuration, and for the first time traveled to another plane.

Illokas, who had set up a small, fog-shrouded island in the plane of Limbo, warned the party of entering portals without knowing what they are or how they'll leave. He also demonstrated how objects could be shaped in this realm of pure chaos through acts of will by suggesting the party create their favorite foods. (Uli managed to create a veritable buffet.)

Illokas expressed concern about the rift; he'd visited it a few times, and knows that the Far Realm do not follow any of the rules of the Great Wheel, the alignment of planes across a Good-Evil, Law-Chaos, and Elemental axis. As for a course of action, he suggested that he might transfer the rift to another plane, such as Arborea, the plane of Chaotic-Good and home to heroic figures that are resistant to corruption and eager to strike down evil.

When asked about the 'Great Cat' and told whatever it was had exited a portal to the Nine Hells about a century ago, Illokas suggested it could be a Rakshasa. Illokas himself is terrified of them; they are resistant to all but very powerful magic, deadly in combat, and like all demons and devils, difficult to harm without silvered weapons.  Raksha typically chafe with the infernal heierarchy from which they were spawned, and seek to find a way to become the sole authority in a new sphere of power. Even Belial chimed in to Jade that he disliked working with them, and did not trust them.  He also let the group know that demons and evils re-coalesce in the lower planes should they ever be killed elsewhere, so that it's possible for the same Rakshasa to return  to the mortal realms with a vendetta.

The group departed, but not before mentioning to Illokas that Jade was contracted with Belial. The half-elf seemed very alarmed, and shooed the party out of his lab as quickly as he could. Yuna checked in with the sending stone, informing Natalia Volg of the possibility of a Rakshasa on the loose. She then spoke to Claire, who reported back the first hidden message from Giovanni:  Isz had been apply the rift's energy to plants, making them grow at an accelerated rate. Kiri and her dwarves had secured the rift with a large garrison, and Jandar had spent most of his time in study before leaving for a day to visit the Keep again.

The party then took a notice board request to slay extremely dangerous rats in the Untouched, an area of Priem that had been evacuated and sealed off by a plague. The plague had burnt out, but groups sent into the old quarantine zone would end up dead or be forced to flee. The party fought their way through a large number of intelligent rat-men that used the dilapidated city to set up ambushes. They eventually came to a warehouse where they fought a swarm of sick-looking rats that coalesced into a single large entity. Ireni was bitten by the mass of rats and immediately began to look ill.

During the fight, a masked figure slew some of the rat-men aiding the giant Rat-King. After the rats were destroyed, one of the surviving rat-men surrendered. Upon interrogation, the ratman named Swik explained that after the "quiet ones" opened a box in the district, the plague had started, killing those that lived above ground but imbuing normal animal rats with incredible intelligence. These rats began to organize the ratfolk, who had always lived beneath Priem, into making weapons and conducting raids on food stores in the city.

The masked figure returned, but did not respond to the party when told to stand down from killing the cooperative ratman. The assassin turned hostile, hitting the party with paralyzing daggers and attempting to flee, but the party was too fast for them. From the assassin's body, they recovered a single tin coin with strange engravings. The assassin themself was impossible to identify; there was no skin on their face, and their body had been operated on and twisted beyond identification.

Swik explained those like the assassin were constantly trying to eradicate their rat-king. The party suggested they hunt outside the city, which they agreed to in exhange for being left alone. Swik presented the plague-box to the party, which was an unremarkable wood container on the outside but had a complicated glass apparatus inside, now partially broken. 

The party had enough evidence to claim they had stopped the rat infestation in the Untouched, and were awarded their 1,200 gold bounty.


Limbo is chaotic, but not utterly incomprehensible. Illokas couldn't say the same for whatever is beyond the rifts…


Ghosts, Demons, and Drunks

Taking the guard posted outside the Wizard’s Guild’s advice, the party tracked down Arrold, a former instructor of Transmutation magic at the Priem’s academy. They found him washing windows at a small bar called The Foamtop on the edge of the Academy’s campus.

The party shared their concerns over the Rift to the Far Realms in Priem, and examined their possibilities. Helping the Kenku and working out some kind of deal, attacking the messenger’s guild in force, and stealing the guild’s sending stone archives from a vault in the Banker’s Guild were all brought up as options.  Arrold said he had a few friends that would help the process the group decided on, but only if the party could drum up some support and coin themselves. It was made clear that no matter what the party chooses, there could be serious consequences.

Arrold also claimed to be having a recurring nightmare of Priem sinking into a boiling lake of gold. Doubtless this hasn’t helped his drinking problem.

The party also inquired after the Wizard’s Guild expert on planar summoning and demonology, Illokas. From what Arrold knew, he was interested in the Rift and might be able to identify whatever “The Great Cat” that Fossa had spoken of in Vani’s village was. The party went to the messenger’s guild and sent a message to Illokas at the Wizard’s Citadel, using both Jade’s contact with Belial and Yuna’s royal status as potential incentives for the elf to meet with them. (They also met an endearing mailman pigeon.) If Illokas accepts the meeting, he will send a message to the Adventurer’s guild.

The party then registered at said adventurer’s guild, meeting the Guildmaster, a scarred, older halfling woman named Kaneza. Vani was very much flustered upon meeting her. Uli was equally absorbed with the quest board spanning the entire western wall of the guild hall, and came back with 3 requests that hadn’t been taken yet.

Yuna inquired to the statue of a cleric of Lathander sitting in the middle of the guild hall courtyard, bearing the signature of a “Fernanda Corvi”.  Kaneza explained that it was a ‘gift’ from the Artists’ Guild in the likeness of Andros, a cleric and former guild member that was killed on Artist’s Guild premises. Kaneza said she’d received a large body of evidence that Andros had started the trouble, and negotiated with the Guildmaster to make sure the violence stopped there. Kaneza insisted that the Artist’s Guild was not to be trifled with, despite their unassuming line of work.

The party took one of the message board quests and met man named Ennio in the Courtesan’s Guild. Ennio was sure some sort of monster or demon was stalking him. The party found out that his girlfriend Deena had disappeared around the same time as when she went missing. The party looked into Rosa, a friend of Ennio who used his services as a courtesian in a non-sexual capacity. They also met and conferred with a half-orc bounty hunter named Brunnar Ulk, who said he had witnesses who claimed to have spotted Ennio and Rosa near a run-down bar near the docks.  The party learned Deena was very displeased with her boyfriend’s profession, and had spied on him with a sending stone after he joined a host club to ensure he wasn’t offering any sexual services.

The party broke into Ennio’s apartment and noticed water damage on his floor; they also found a well next to his building. They honored their promise to protect Ennio and let him get some sleep in his place while they staked out both his apartment and the well. The party encounter the drowned ghost of Deena, who kissed Uli (draining her strength as well) and shared her memories; she had been arguing with a very drunk Ennio and kept getting in his face as he was stumbling home from the dockside bar. He shoved her away, sending her careening into the water from the raised dock. Deena’s last memory was looking up at a motionless Ennio gazing down on her, certain that he could swim and save her.

After jogging his memory about what he’d done when drunk, the party turned Ennio over to Brunnar, who in turn fulfilled his commission as a bounty hunter and pried a confession out of him. He was brought before Rommeni, the guildmaster of the Courtesan’s Guild. Possessing otherworldly beauty and some sort of magical, flaming sword, she was revealed to be a planetar of her goddess, Sune. She placed an agonizing brand on Ennio’s face, severely burning half his face and, in her own words, ‘binding him so that he will never do something like this again’.  What sort of magic she inflicted with him is unclear.  

Both Rommeni and Brunnar were well disposed to the party for their aid in helping bring Ennio to justice. Rommeni forced Ennio to reveal the location of his life savings to honor the monster-slaying contract he placed with the adventurer’s guild. The party found his stash of 350 gold, and opted to take their promised payment of 250. Vani scattered the rest around Ennio’s apartment to make sure what was left was troublesome for him to recover.



Not everyone in Priem is what they seem to be.

Ocean of Water, Ocean of People

The party set off on Ireni's new ship. The party were stopped by a Firhelmese naval patrol led by a Sgt. Gallo Ruhorne. After confirming that they were working with Astaroka, the party plumbed him for a bit of information about Priem; he had little good to say about the city, disliking its mercenary nature and weak rule of law. He also warned that the islands to the east of Priem were common haunts for pirates. Ireni lost sleep ensuring the crew was always on watch for corsairs, earning her a brief bit of friction with Yuna.

Ruhorne and Ireni weren't wrong; a dilapidated fishing vessel converted into a pirate ship gave chase to the party's vessel. Captain Ireni led it on a short chase, but fearing the exhaustion of her crew, decided to turn her ship and fire its broadside ballistas at the vessel. Aided by the skillfull archery and magic of the rest of the party, the ship was quickly scuttled and destroyed. Its captain, a goblin who had gained the loyalty of a large ogre, was quickly mutinied by its bugbear crew when its bodyguard was slain.  Ireni chose to leave the sinking crew to their fates, likely drowning and exposure.

Alfonzo Volg contacted Yuna through his sending stone, informing her he'd secured docking at the harbor in Priem for them. He also let them know that the Rift they were seeking had already been discovered in the city.

Vani befriended the nonhuman portion of the crew, Kharrak, Barkam, Elwan, and Arder. They were a bit unsure what Ireni's deal was, and many hadn't seen a genasi before. A few of the sailors were uneasy upon learning about her hatred of pirates. She quickly earned the respect of the rest of the sailors by shooting a seagull out of the air and expertly shooting an apple off the head of a very brave (or very stupid) deckhand.

Uli spent some time playing cards with the crew, and Ireni decided that half of her sailors would remain on board on a given day in Priem, while the other gained shore leave. This was considered fair by the crew, and they quickly got to planning out their respective days off among themselves.  They had a much higher opinion of the city than Ruhorne did, citing Priem's many diversions and general freedom as the reason why.

Priem was every bit the hive of activity that the rumors suggested; after docking, the party pushed through an expansive market selling every manner of supply and good they could think of. Arriving at the Barrister's Guild, the party entered a large building and were directed to Alfonzo's personal account manager, a young woman named Edna Flim. 

Locating her office basement, a closetlike space filled with papers and scrolls, the bespectacled scrivener gave them a brief overview of the city, as well as a map detailing its major divisions of power. She explained that the rift was being held by the messenger's guild, and time with the portal was available by appointment for the outrageous sum of 700 gold for 4 hours. She also pointed them to the adventurer's guild, which, after a brief membership fee and proof of competence, could provide the party with lodging and access to many jobs suited to their skills.

The party stopped by the Wizard's Guild, which turned out to be a highly guarded citadel with exclusive criteria for entry. The guard stationed by the gates explained that the magical items and scrolls present in the guild were powerful enough to level the whole city if placed in the wrong hands, and that lower level magic courses were handled by the university.  With a bit of gentle persuasion by Jade, the guard suggested they seek out Arrold, a half elf who had fallen out of favor with the academic guilds for doomsaying about the rift; while both he and the Academy want it out of the messenger guild's hand, he apparently does not want it to be studied; he believes the rift to be an instrument of the apocalypse.


There's a lot to see in Priem; doubtless, not all of it is pretty.



Lit Fuses

The party spent a few days around Volg Keep, preparing to answer Vani's invitation back to her village. Yuna kept busy, visiting many old contacts including:

Claire Volg: Thinking about moving to a city and starting a career in music. Taught Yuna Violin Basics

Beth: Gave up magic, joined the militia and took up archery.

Aimee: Sleepless and losing weight, but focused on becoming a powerful wizard under the tutelage of Natalia Volg.

Dewbloom and the Pixies:  Yuna received a congratulatory High Medal of Valorous Achievement for seeing to the arrest of Megga Mundt, the woman who captured Dewbloom for her pixie dust.

Concerned over Jandar's brusqueness towards her as she inquired about the Drow House La'Frei,  Yuna spoke with the party about her suspicions about the enigmatic elf. Yuna wasn't sure how Jandar knew she was a princess, remembering the elf that had betrayed her in her first run-in with the Drow.  They also brought their concerns to Claire, who promised to keep an eye out and inquire with her parents as subtly as she could.

Uli suggested she send her old traveling buddy, Giovanni Bagni, to the Outer Realms rift. Giovanni was dispatched and will send correspondences in invisible ink back to Volg Keep to keep tabs on Jandar.

As the party left for Vani's hometown of Ghosla, Uli reared up her horse and dashed back into town. She returned with a baby pit bull dubbed Maximus the Second.

On the way to the village, Vani let Yuna and Ireni know that they would probably be met with a rough atmosphere in town due to Ghosla's incredibly tense past with the nearby settlement of Mountain Elves. The village, close to the west where the orcs had spilled out of the mountains, had been well-fortified with tripwire and sturdy walls.

Vani had a heartfelt greeting with her grandparents, Odo and Alandria, and had a slightly tense reunion with her friend Cabe, who disapproved of her striking out for such dangerous quests without asking for more help. It seemed more out of worry than pride.  Vani's family grudgingly accepted Yuna and Ireni with their granddaughters' vouching, and Alandria agreed to mingle a bit and calm the more suspicious members of the village down.

A small festival had been arranged in honor of Vani's return and victory against the orcs at Throughway Keep. The party participated in a number of fun activities, most of them while drunk following a drinking contest with some farmers. During this event, Yuna noticed a family of halflings known as the Bodifumps wearing elven jewelry; when she pointed it out, they looked perturbed and took it off.

A brief rundown of the activities:

Turtle Racing: Bet won by Vani, taking 10 gold from the rest of the party.   Pie Eating Contest: Won by a very full Vani    Drinking Contest: Uli was a close second, won by a farmer.   Archery Contest: Won by Vani after a close tiebreaker round with Yuna, receiving a well-made belt with a gnomish buckle.  Bear Wrestling:  Vani cuddled with Honeysuckle, who enjoyed the attention and petting. 

The group also drunkenly performed a <s>smash mouth cover</s> for the tavern, just managing to avoid making clowns of themselves. Odo was very tickled by the performance by his very un-musical granddaughter, and tossed some gold onto the stage. Uli had a nice drum solo that earned her a few silver pieces.

Vani made Cabe challenge Honeysuckle in the wrestling match to make up for his argument with her. To her surprise, he succeeded with flying colors. They spent the night talking and catching up, and Vani asked what was up with the Bodifumps.  Cabe replied that they claimed a merchant really liked their shoes in the capital and had been showering them with riches, a good chunk of which they used to help the people of Ghosla. The party resolved to talk to them in the morning.

The hung over (save for Yuna) party recieved a rude awakening in the form of a surprised mob at the north gate; a unit of mountain elves had approached with weapons and seige shields, holding a halfling trader and her bodyguard hostage. The elves claimed they'd found them carrying elven jewelry.  The captain explained that he did not think them the theives; a mountain elf named Fossa was suspected of hiding inside Ghosla. A former ranger, he had been murdering his own kind for weeks until he was spotted in the act and forced to run. 

Vani, Cabe, and the party filled in the mayor about the Bodifumps. Heading to their home, Cabe found them in their wine cellar…along with Fossa. The elf politely requested to be let go, promising he would let the wood elves know he was no longer in the village. The party wasn't sold. He then suggested that they go with him to kill the mountain elf unit and recover the kidnapped halflings. At that point, Uli stepped forward to restrain him.

Fossa was difficult to hit, even when backed into a corner, and as blood was drawn his neck bulged with veins and his eyes took on a dilated, glassy look. Yuna landed a stunning strike, letting the party pounce on him and restrain him very, very well. Checking under his cloak, Yuna was horrified to find that he was wearing a jerkin sewn from the faces of elves he'd killed. When he came to, Fossa insisted that he only ate elves and had caused no trouble in the village.

Dragging him out of town, Fossa shouted that the Bodifumps were complicit in harboring him, stirring up chaos amongst the townsfolk. Yuna and Uli tried to get more information out of Fossa before the mountain elves took him to be put on trial.  The captured halfling trader and her bodyguard were released to the village, as promised.

Fossa mentioned a 'Great Cat' that had been devouring people in Astaroka for a century. Stumbling upon it feeding one day, the creature apparently saw 'potential' in Fossa and granted him a drop of his blood, heightening his abilities and stoking a supernatural hunger. He also implicated the captured trader in harboring him.

The guilty halflings explained that they helped Fossa because he never hurt a halfling and was funneling his loot into the village; they had no idea he was doing more than robbery and the occasional murder. The village leader exiled the 6 guilty townsfolk from Ghosla permanently.

Before leaving, Odo and Alandria passed on an arrowhead to Vani, crafted by her father from the feathers of a griffin he'd slain and given to her mother. The arrow was in Maja's hand when the orcs attacked Ghosla in the past.  Fighting back tears, Vani accepted the gift.

Vani also made up with Cabe, who had decided she would be fine venturing out into the world on her own. Vani slipped some owlbear meat into his pocket, which he would later discover before his nightly bath.  Yuna painted a portrait of the party and presented it to Vani's grandparents, who could not decide where to put it. It was decided that it would move location monthly.

The party returned to Volg Keep to find that Natalia and Alfonzo had created a device that used the strange 'compass' found near the portal to pinpoint other rifts to the Far Realm. Using it, they generated vague locations on the map. They presented the party with small magical jars that could contain small bits of the magic of the portals for further study; the more they know, the better they can control the rifts. They also gave the party a sending stone to communicate with them while they're traveling.

Arriving at the docks, the party met with Pule Volmi, who explained that Argus Forsythe had funded the construction of a small ship for the party to use. Volmi presented Ireni with a spyglass made by his family's workshop. An ecstatic Ireni boarded the ship, named Yuna first mate, and declared that they would be setting sail immediately to track down the other portal rifts.


The wind is strong enough to give life to the sails. Adventure awaits.


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