DunJohns and Dragons

The Liberation of Volg Keep

The group has freed Volg Keep from the tyrannical reign of the Spectator Gorbos, a sentinel whose contract with the late wizard and ruler of the keep, Karlov Volg, had expired.  The young Marcus and Claire Volg were freed from captivity, and are now working at contacting their parents, Alfonzo and Natalia Volg and their advisor, the elf Jandar, who have traveled to Astaroka's capital to aid in the war effort against the sudden Orc invasion from the west.  Paid by the young Volgs in powerful magic items, the party awaits word.

It was a victory at a cost. Two apprentice wizards were killed in the ritual needed to destroy Gorbos' barrier after the apperance of a creature from the Shadowfell. 

Clearing out the sewers for entry into Volg Manor gave the murderous Gold Fang crime syndicate free reign to burn the town hall down in revenge against the Red Tusk mercenary group, thugs who had been tasked with keeping order in town by Gorbos after he released their leader from prison.  A few innocent townspeople were burned to death in their raid. Roxx and Patches, members of the Gold Fang, looted the Red Tusks' ill-gotten gains and fled the town in the chaos.

The party was troubled to learn that the source of Volg Keep's magical power was a mirror linked to an infernal realm. Even more worrying are claims that something managed to exit the mirror while Gorbos was still under orders to guard it.

The Warlock Jade has been freed from his pact with an Outer God in favor of servitude to the Devil Prince Belial. In exchange for his power and agreement not to ask any harm of his friends, Jade must follow Belial's orders. Refusal to do so three times comes at the cost of his soul.

With the criminals in Volg being rounded up by the family's reactivated sentry golems, the party wonders where their next adventure will take them, and if their companions who fled into the woods to hide from the Red Tusks will reappear.

Gorbos, in his symmetrical, watchful, perfectly magnanimous glory.



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