An insane, cannibalistic mountain elf who had been slaying his own kind near Vani’s village of Ghosla. The party apprehended him after the events of a hostage crisis and returned him to his people for sentencing.

When not in combat, he appeared amicable, even gentle, but beneath his cloak wears armor fashioned from the faces of his victims. Aside from his ranger training, he was revealed to be a skilled trapmaker and hand-to-hand combatant during his conflict with the party.

Claims an entity known as ‘The Great Cat’ granted him a drop of his blood. Fossa had stumbled onto him eating a human during one of his scouting missions. The ‘Great Cat’, who had been hunting the populace of Astaroka for a century, apparently saw some sort of potential within him.

He is currently being held by the mountain elves, awaiting his trial and execution.


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