The students of Volg Academy



The oldest student left in the academy after many of the more competent magic casters were brought to the capital to aid in the war effort. High strung, bespectacled, and pudgy. Fearing for her friend Claire Volg, she hatched a plan to charge a crystal with energy and release it in front of Volg Manor, breaking down the barrier that was sealing the townsfolk out.

Aimee is alive, but traumatized after the charging ritual summoned a creature of the Shadowfell.

Aimee has thrown herself fully into her magic studies under the strict tutelage of Natalia Volg. She has lost a great deal of weight and isn’t sleeping much, but is rapidly gaining magical insight.


A friendly, flaxen haired student with a slight acne problem who is a close friend of Aimee.

Survived the ritual, watched in horror as two of her fellow students were killed.

Beth has eschewed magic and has joined the Astaroka militia to learn archery.


A slender boy with an immaculate pompadour. Agreed to help charge the magic crystal with the aid of the party.

Though his efforts helped keep the ritual on track, the creature Aimee summoned reduced his body to dust.


A plucky girl of twelve who punches above her weight. Was present at the ritual.

Mae slew a lesser shadow creature that had broken free from the ritual circle, but was drawn into the summoning circle and devoured soon after.

The students of Volg Academy

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