A small, peaceful island with a number of smaller isles surrounding it, all covered untamed jungle and winding caverns. The weather and fishing are good here, and many adventurers have been known to retire here.  The main isle has been rumored to be intensely avoided by pirates and bandits, despite its relatively easy-to-raid clusters of villages and temples.


Kien'hen boasts are large population of Metallic dragonborn, making for an exciting local culture filled with refreshing challenges to both body and mind. Monster hunts are regularly held as sport, as well as more typical athletic competitions. 


There is no ruler or formal government on the island, but the population and culture promote an almost familial system of rules, with any disputes and crimes reviewed and arbitrated by esteemed members of the local community.  That is not to say the inhabitants are overly lenient; harshness is answered with harshness.



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