Priem and Seaburn

The 'Sister Cities' are two enormous trading hubs that are frequent ports of call for traders, sailors, and even pirates. Lacking any sort of affiliation with a nation or kingdom, they are are sprawling cityscapes within which most anything can be found. Magic, food, art, music, smiths, and much, much more can be found if one looks hard enough.

Adventurers used to trekking through the wilderness are often surprised by how many monsters can seep into the cracks of such a massive hub of civilization.  If they weren't threat enough, there is plenty of danger to be had from the cities' populace.


All types are found here, except for the foolish and naive; they often wind up dead or as indentured servants for accrued debt. There is a thriving cultural scene, but if the guilds don't have a finger in a given establishment, a crime syndicate does. Often, they both do.


There are no formal laws or regulations in the Sister Cities. Technically, there are no taxes, but soldiers' guilds find no shortage of work as peacekeepers here. The combined wealth of the Sister Cities' guildmasters has the potential to field an army of sellswords larger than most countries. While it is rare for two guilds to see eye to eye, they are smart enough to work together just enough to stave off anarchy and keep profits flooding in.



Priem and Seaburn

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