A kingdom that has been slowly cut out of hostile woodland over about a century.  A good portion of the lands are still thick wilderness.  A traversable chunk of the wilds have since been deforested and populated with small farms and towns.

Astaroka has extremely rich soil, allowing farmlands to flourish. There are also valuable iron deposits found in the many underground caverns that worm beneath the landscape.


Astaroka is largely composed of industrious human settlers.  Before human encroachment, Gnolls were the dominant force. Despite a constant military campaign against them, they continue to breed and spread chaos, albeit in much smaller numbers.

Wood Elves live to the east, giving up some of their territory to humans in exchange for their help against the gnoll armies. A few still scout and protect Astaroka.


Astaroka is ruled by a triumvirate, in honor of the two brothers who founded the first settlement in Astaroka's untamed wilderness. There are two rulers by bloodline, and one elected by the people.  To pass a law, at least two of the triumvirate must agree on a course of action.



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